ReacT 2020

I remember when I was a child and one day they took us on a school trip to the old science museum in Barcelona. There one of the things that caught most my attention was a sand pendulum that you could throw and that made some very beautiful and harmonious shapes on a board.
20 years later, at the end of the last century, I was still fascinated by these parametric curves and by the generative art of computers in general. For instance for the work of the Austrian artist Lia. It was 1999 and I thought of presenting myself at the Prix Ars Electrònica, in a few days I made my own work called ReacT, it was an interactive digital animation in different phases where the common element were black and white rectangles that moved generating various forms and challenges that the user had to solve. Sergi Jordà suggested me that I could use some sounds created with his Fmol tool (where i was contributing aswell) as a musical background.

I was awarded with an honorable mention in the net-art category.

This first version is not available, since it was done with the old Director / Shockwave platform. Then I implemented another version coded in Java

20 years later I go back to the fascination of parametric curves, simple and in black and white, but this time in 3D using threejs. I hope you like it. Put on some good music, play with the shapes, and enjoy as if you were mesmerizingly contemplating the flames of the fire on a cold winter night.

Formes geomètriques en blanc i negre generades amb el REACT