We want to imagine there are still things to do on the Internet, and we want to do them. We believe that Internet is made by people, so we want to give them the tools so they can contribute. Touch, break, shake Internet. And among all generate new and unpredictable realities.

What do we do?

  • Custom design and coding for WordPress, Drupal, etc
  • Social network applications (twitter,facebook, instagram, etc)
  • Web services (apis), opendata & microformats
  • Multi-platform mobile applications
  • Creative coding







Pimpampum Labs

String art generator

This project began with the idea to build a square grid of n x n nails. Then a thread could be weaved between the nails. The thread is a continuous one, without breaks, and you can change the color in a palette of 5 by clicking or touching the screen.

The initial idea was to weave yourself interactively, then I thought an algorithm could be responsible of that. In the final version you can weave yourself in addition to the generated pattern anyways.

More info on the blog post

About us

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Quad monsters

This project began with the idea to build something that should be not only “beautiful” but somehow playable at the same time. It should be a collection with good variations, aesthetically nice, and as most of my creations in the great platform fxhash, animated and interactive. So the initial idea was to create a recursive […]