We want to imagine there are still things to do on the Internet, and we want to do them. We believe that Internet is made by people, so we want to give them the tools so they can contribute. Touch, break, shake Internet. And among all generate new and unpredictable realities.

What do we do?

  • Custom design and coding for WordPress, Drupal, etc
  • Social network applications (twitter,facebook, instagram, etc)
  • Web services (apis), opendata & microformats
  • Multi-platform mobile applications
  • Creative coding







Pimpampum Labs

About us

Anna Fuster. @ralcarazm @llucmassaguer @324cat Precisament és l'ordre amb què ens vacunaran. Jo a classe sempre poso d'exemple la classificació de la lliga, però aquest any ja tinc nou exemple :)
Daniel Julià.@llauroman @Ignasi_Martinez Mes gran o més petit i l'alçada de l'aigua és la mateixa, més pràctic un got petit transparent i recte


Culture and Creation Digital Break 2019

Like every year we have attended the culture and digital creation getaway escape and like always we loved being there. What makes this “festival” very special is the environment in which it is developed. At the La Plana Foundation , in the middle of Catalonia and in an incomparable natural environment.