String art generator

This project began with the idea to build a square grid of n x n nails. Then a thread could be weaved between the nails. The thread is a continuous one, without breaks, and you can change the color in a palette of 5 by clicking or touching the screen.

The initial idea was to weave yourself interactively, then I thought an algorithm could be responsible of that. In the final version you can weave yourself in addition to the generated pattern anyways.

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Binary landscapes

It’s mind-bending how just a very simple mathematical operation such as applying a binary operator to the coordinates on a bitmap can generate such a huge collection of unique and extraordinary images.

In “binary landscapes” with just a few lines of code we use three different binary operators to the coordinates (or,xor,and) for instance (x or y) and then divide it to another number and getting the remainder. The result is used to paint a color for this exact pixel.

The result is a huge collection of pseudo-fractal images which evoke impossible landscapes, crowded cities, glitchy psychedelic with vivid colors or just beautiful patterns. All of them are deterministic given its initial parameters. There is no random intervention.

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binary landscapes by daniel julia