Mapr is a tool that creates geographies from geolocated images obtained from Flickr based on tags that the user enters.

The aim is to create maps from without a map, just ignoring the positions and labels generated by the users of Flickr.

Mapr is based on a draft of an earlier project, Tripr, in which we proposed uncharted journey with the sole geolocated image guidance. This project is still unfinished.

NYC a Mapr
London a Mapr
Mapa resultant al cercar per diferents zones de Londres
Great lakes a Mapr
Great lakes
Mapr Autopistes Europa
Motorways in Europe
Mapr San Francisco
San Francisco
Mapr de platges i costa a Europa
Coasts and beaches in Europe
Illes Balears
Balearic islands
Mapr de Barcelona
Mapr by Pimpampum
Cercant platja, plata, praia i pirineus, pirineos
Mapsr rius de la península
Mapsr cercant els principals rius de la península ibèrica