Rúbrica de Canvi Educatiu

Conceptualization, design and development of the pilot of the Rúbrica de canvi educatiu, for Escola Nova 21, a tool for guidance and self-evaluation for the processes of educational transformation of schools and institutes. For the development we worked with our Develona‘s colleagues and the illustrations are by Xavier Mula.

Web pilot Rúbrica de Canvi Educatiu

Flaix 2042

We participated in the exhibition to commemorate the 25 years of Flaix FM, curated by Rosa Pera which is hold at the Palau Robert from June 27th to October 19th, 2017. The installation consists of three screens that give visibility to the Flaix FM community. Anyone who wants can participate in the exhibition by sending […]


Exposició Flaix 2042 al Paulau Robert de Barcelona

Setmana de la Natura

Design and development of Setmana Natura’s website, which includes the activities carried out.

Fundació Enllaç

Design and development of Fundació Enllaç website, that defend the rights and dignity of older LGBTI people, particularly in times of vulnerability. ]]>

Web de la Fundació Enllaç

Orgull de Baix

In collaboration with Al Pati produccions and Anna Carreras, we developed Orgull de Baix, the interactive version of the documentary El Pati del darrere. ]]>

Orgull de Baix webdoc

Sala de premsa – Cambra de Barcelona

Development of a new version of the Press room for Cambra de Barcelona.

Web de la Sala de Premsa de la Cambra de Barcelona

Second Chance

Design and development of Second Chance website, in collaboration with 3D Tech Omega Zeta and Jana Martínez.


Web Second Chance


In collaboration with La Page, we designed and developed the website Tandem, a project that promotes collaboration between companies and nonprofit organizations to develop innovative environmental projects with added social value.

Web Tàndem