Mapr is a tool that creates geographies from geolocated images obtained from Flickr based on tags that the user enters.

The aim is to create maps from without a map, just ignoring the positions and labels generated by the users of Flickr.

Mapr is based on a draft of an earlier project, Tripr, in which we proposed uncharted journey with the sole geolocated image guidance. This project is still unfinished.

NYC a Mapr is an experimental tool for analyzing the conversation about topics on Twitter. In this first example we have chosen as the main theme the next elections to Parliament of Catalonia. The application analyzes the publication of certain terms (keywords) that are classified into groups. The graphs show the frequency of these terms every hour and allow to extract information such as the evolution of the conversation, view the profile of users involved, etc..


Along with Roger Melcior we’ve created, a system to monitor real-time network status for the Cercanías Barcelona trains based on messages sent by users via Twitter. consists of a website to aggregate all information supplied by the users via Twitter and also the information provided by Transmet, a version of the web adapted to mobile terminals and Twitter accounts to follow directly the tweets of each line.

More information about the project and how to collaborate:

Happy 2010

Collective greeting to wish a happy 2010 using the webcam to leave the message.


Bon 2010

“Cursa de la Mercè” 2009 visualization

Visualizing data in the “cursa de la Mercè” 2009 on the map of Barcelona.

The visualization shows the path of all participants (approximately 8500) with accelerated time, doing rollover on any of them shows their name, gender, final position in the race, and travel time. Upon reaching the goal (marked as A) it shows up the Gaussian distribution (typical) based on the number of arrivals per minute.

Visualització de la cursa de la Mercè 2009


Tool to visualize the mood of the www by searching for certain tags in Twitter.




Bubblr is a community where people can create comic-strips (photonovels) using photos from flickr, just taking a sequence of pictures where you can add bubbles and create a story. All stories are saved in the archive.


Empordà Visible

Exposició al Museu de l’Empordà (Figueres) dins el cicle Interactiu, del 28 d’octubre al 16 de Novembre de 2008.

Empordà visible