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About Pimpampum

We want to imagine there are still things to do on the Internet, and we want to do them. We believe that Internet is made by people, so we want to give them the tools so they can contribute. Touch, break, shake Internet. And among all generate new and unpredictable realities.


We're in Badalona, next to the sea. :D

If you want to know more about us you can send us an email at: info@pimpampum.net or by filling the contact form

Live from Pimpampum HQ

Who are we?

Daniel Julià

Higher Telecommunications Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Advanced Studies Diploma in Audiovisual Communication from Pompeu Fabra University. Programmer and researcher in the field of multimedia digital creation with extensive experience in both universities and private companies. He is also consultor in Grado Multimedia de la UOC, and teaches in Master’s course in Digital Arts (Idec, UPF), and Potgraduate in web design and digital publications at Eina, Centre Universitari de disseny i art de Barcelona and in Potgraduate in web 2.0 design at Elisava, Escola Superior de disseny i enginyeria de Barcelona.

Daniel Julia


@oyesherman @_paumiquel i alguns que els hagin d'explotar

More at kiwoo.org and flickr.com/photos/kiwoo/

Anna Fuster

Web designer. Graduate in Audiovisual Communication (UPF 1998); higher graduate in Graphic Design from Eina, School of Design and Art (UAB). She works in the field of interactive project ideation and design and in university teaching. Co-coordinator of Master's in Graphic Design and teacher at degree in Design at Eina, Centre Universitari de disseny i art de Barcelona. Collaborator at Master’s course in Digital Arts at Idec (UPF).

Anna Fuster


@llucartes Això ho ha fet tu amb la thermomix??? 😲😲😲

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