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Bookr is a tool to create ilustrated bookd from flickr photos.
Feel free to browse or create books, and send to your friends.
Bookr, is one of pimpampum flickr toys.

peter and jon

Once upon a time there lived two brothers called peter and jon in a small town.

Their parents sarah and william had a big beautiful house .

One sunny day there it happend.....

the hall family were flyieng to croatia....

The two brothers were very happy and when they arrrived they saw the wonderful sea....

They had such a beautiful hotel in the middle of croatia.

one they william,sarah,peterand jon went to a fun fair.

But then jon saw a ice and he ran to it.

his parents searched him the hall day. but they cant find jon.

But at the end of the day they find little jon when i ate ivce cream.

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